ipnerds outage

It appears the service is down. We are waiting for more info from the provider and will update on our Telegram as we know more. Please refrain from reporting the outage since it's already being investigated. Thanks!

24th Oct 2023
server 4 outage

We have reached out to our distributor to see if they have any further info and we will pass it along as soon as we know more. As always, follow our Telegram chat above for more info. Thanks

21st Oct 2023
telegram updates are here!

It's been a highly requested feature, so we have finally added it!

All outage updates and notices for this site will be posted on telegram.

Here's the link: https://t.me/+2KOt4aWjayA3NzVk

If you live under a rock and don't know what that means though... It means you can now get push notifications on your phone in a secure manner.

29th Oct 2022
double billing error

It seems a few customers (so far only about 5 people) have noticed they are being charged double when they go to pay their invoice.If this happens to you, it was a bug in our database so don't pay it! Reach out to our billing team with a ticket and we will remove the extra charge before you pay.If you pay by accident, we will issue a full refund ... Read More »

9th Oct 2022
ipn catchup

A few users have reached out mentioning that catchup is no longer available. The provider has promised us that it will return eventually and that they are just making sure all the new servers at the datacenter are up and running properly before they add those extra features. Hang in there!

5th Oct 2022
important Renewal/outage info

While all ipnerds services are back up and running, the odd customer that paid their monthly bill at the exact same time of the outage last week may notice their service is not working. This is because our website could not pass the payment info through while they were working on the server. If you think you fall into this category, please reach ... Read More »

30th Sep 2022
datacenter upgrade complete

ipNerds has completed the move to the new datacenter this morning in an attempt to resolve any connection issues people have been seeing over the last few weeks.The move is now complete, but we are monitoring the status of the servers for the next few days in case there are any hickups. As always, keep your eyes on our main website for any ... Read More »

29th Sep 2022
new datacenter! high hopes!

We just got word a few minutes ago that the ipnerds provider has just switched datacenters.... They hope the switch will be up in a few hours! This is great news and hopefully they can go back to the same quality of service they had previously! More news to follow!

28th Sep 2022
ipnerds database repairs

A few minutes ago ipnerds went down and they have relayed this info to us: "panel database was corrupted working on restoring should fix all our issues going forward" Lets hope this is a short one!

18th Sep 2022
ipnerds transparency

The ipnerds admin team has sent us the following message in regards to the recent server crashes. We aren't sure if this should be made public info, but have decided to be as transparent as possible: "Here's update of what been going on Hopefully we finally got it everything looked good on our end but still random crashes and minor issues. ... Read More »

17th Sep 2022