Which Payment Processor is Fastest?

Currently, we offer a few different methods to purchase or pay your invoices.

Interac e-Transfer can take up to 24 hours (usually less) for your service to be activated. We are at the mercy of the Interac service itself, and they have no way of interfacing with our website so all transactions have to be handled manually.
You'll know when the e-transfer has been deposited because you will receive a receipt to your email from Interac at the same time your service is activated. There will be no receipt until the funds are actually deposited. 

Cryptocurrencies as well as PayPal communicate in real time with our website and your services should be automatically activated/renewed instantly. (iPGuys is the exception and may have a delay. However, all other Services at this time are instant activations)

Please note that Cryptocurrency payments require one confirmation on the blockchain before you service is activated, so make sure you keep an eye on your inbox for your activation email shortly after the first confirm goes through.

To speed up or or change your payment processor, you may simply open the invoice we emailed to you or log into your account and select a different payment option from there. If you have already sent an etransfer and decided to change processors, it will be auto refunded to you in 30 days or you may log into your bank and cancel it that way as well. 

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