Q: I just activated my CryptoIPTV / Epic Service, but the automatic activation didn't work. What gives?
A: This happens if you are a returning epic customer from our old website. There is no way that the new website can communicate with the old website, therefore your first order will not auto activate until one of our Staff members manually "extends" your service. Please be patient with us while we process your order. However, all future orders going forward will auto-activate!

Q: I'm being charged more at checkout than your website says?
A: Unfortunately, different Payment Services charge to use their Service. Please see below service charges, and feel free to pick a different payment method if you prefer.

Interact e-Transfer 
Free! No Fees.

Bitcoin Payments
Free! No Fees.

PayPal Services fees will be added if using PayPal.
$0.30 + 2.9%

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